Refined SWOT Analysis

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Refined SWOT Analysis

The essential analytical tool for any strategist made more powerful and relevant.


About the resource

The traditional SWOT analysis helps a company to identify its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. Although it is one of the most common tools, it limits strategists by not allowing for overlap between the categories. Brands can have a continuous stream of customers, yet still have financial problems.

Our unique re-imagined SWOT analysis adds three additional and critical steps: the convert, match and manage process. This helps you to see how to:

1. Convert weaknesses into strengths or even opportunities.

2. Match strengths and opportunities to create new benefits.

3. Manage threats by turning them into opportunities based on strengths.

The re-imagined SWOT analysis is a key component in any successful strategist’s arsenal.

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